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Starting something new


Hello from sunny Siberia!  After all these years of only using email, we are branching out to try blogging.
This should be an easier way to show you pictures of our lives.  We will continue our email “another glimpse” as usual for now.  This blog will display more family oriented material as well as (hopefully) more photos.

August 2012 family photo


4 thoughts on “Starting something new

  1. Thank you SO much for beginning a blog! Seeing “you” in …sort of real time …makes me feel closer. Love your “another glimpses” too!

  2. i’m really excited to follow your blog and “see” more of your ministry life in russia! sybille vought

  3. Starting a blog is a good thing but I was glad to read that you will continue the “glimpses” – I have often been touched by your accounts – you both write so well.

  4. I LOVE IT! Blogs are so much more “accessible” to me, since I’m a blogger myself! I love to see the pictures because it gives me a much better feel for your life and your day-to-day adventures. I can’t believe how tall Eric is! Darin and Ryan look the same, just a little taller as well. And I love Darin’s “Fenner Nature Center” t-shirt – a little piece of Michigan. Keep it up – I look forward to reading more. 🙂 Jen Y.

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