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A Week Before the Snow


by Eric Jordan

This happened last week, but by the pictures it could have been last month. Fall goes on fast forward here, so we have to appreciate it while it lasts.

It all started when my mom proposed a walk. I hate walking, but orders are orders so off we went: my mom, my brothers and I.

The scenery was beautiful,
but the hill was steep
Finally we came to a road
as we progressed, it became less of a road…
and more of a ditch.

We came to the end of the ditch and had a snack, turned around and went home feeling that we had just had an extraordinarily interesting walk.

True story.

PS. This is my first blog post.


8 thoughts on “A Week Before the Snow

  1. Wow, is that the same hill that Jen and I climbed with you guys while we were there?

  2. So nice to read your post Eric!!! Sounds like an interesting walk as well! Glad you have such a great attitude!

  3. Oh WOW! This is WONDERFUL Eric! BIG Thanks! ~ in my foreign language! ~ Mil Gracias! ~ 1,000 Thank You’s! You are a writer! A GREAT writer at that! More! MORE! :)’s and from each of your brothers as well!
    I read on and have enjoyed ALL your family posts! and then the PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL Jordan Family! Eric! You are the biggest surprise!!!! How FUN SO TALL! and Darin! all blond! and speaking Russian at your first day of Russian school! SO SUPER!!! Ryan! YEAH for YOU and school and being 8 and doing SO GREAT!!!! I am sure that you have seen yourself in Eric’s former pictures! πŸ™‚ and you are a WONDERFUL YOU as you so growing are! πŸ™‚

    I LOVE YOU Jordan Brothers and your parents for the BEST EVER family times ever! I bet you hardily respond YES to the next walk invitation/order! and enjoy another special adventure! Walks like reading!, take you places that you have not been before or seen quite the same anyways! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for a WONDERFU VISIST to your life in Russia!
    Gloria a Dios! ~ Glory to God! and THANK YOU Dear God for blessing and keeping and teaching SO specially your Alan ❀ Juli and sons Family!!!

  4. Love your writing and photos, Eric! Great first blog post! Amanda in Alaska

  5. Great job, Eric. Keep up the exercise AND the writing! LOL

  6. Welcome to blog land. I love the blog. Eric you did a good job on your first blog. I hope you will do it again.

  7. I’m so glad to see your pictures and read your adventures. Thanks Eric. Remember me taking you on a “walk” thew our church and all the things you find on a walk, glad you went and took pictures too. Your pepperments are on the way Darin. Love u all diana

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