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Milk Run


Growing boys drink a lot of milk.
We buy milk here by the liter–if you aren’t used to the conversion, it is roughly 4 liters to the gallon (a little less, but Alan is the one who will give you the decimals).

The plus side of our liters of milk is that we buy boxes (tetra pak) and they can sit on the shelf in the kitchen until we open them.  We do keep milk in the fridge to drink–a very Western idea.  Russians do not like to drink cold things because everyone knows that cold drinks will give you a sore throat or a cold.

The down side of our liters of milk is that they are heavy.  How many liters do you want to carry home from the store?

About every three weeks the boys and I make a milk run.  We buy exclusively milk from a store up the hill–the best milk price in the city.  The trip is a little more than a half mile each way.  And that store often has other deals that catch my eye, so I sometimes lug home a very full and heavy pack.

Eric carries 6 liters, so do I.  Darin takes four.  Ryan three.  So we get 19 liters.  The last time we went, the snow had melted and we went by bicycle.  Eric took pictures to document the event.  I’ll post those here, but he forgot one thing–a picture of the milk!

To be fair, Alan also carries home milk, but usually he just picks it up when he walks by the store.  I think he manages about 10 or 12 liters all by himself!

Next time we will probably pull a sled to carry the milk home.  The temperature here is below zero Fahrenheit now and likely will not warm up again until spring.  Of course…we do have an exciting thought…maybe before we run out of milk after the sled run we will purchase a vehicle.  While the purpose of the car or van will be ministry, we will also use it occasionally for things like family picnics or buying milk!

Walking out to our garage to get the bikes out.
There are two huge keys to open the door. It takes a group effort to get the keys to turn.
Inside the garage. For a rental, it is pretty nice–most of the clutter is ours instead of our landlord’s!
This is the basement or “pit” of the garage. Here everything belongs to the landlord. If we start parking a car in the garage, our bikes will probably spend the winter down here, too.
Ryan pedaling home with a load of milk. This is the lane to the garages–the main road is paved.
A picturesque view of the sidewalk in front of our big yellow store. You can see the road alongside it and the street car track running down the middle of the road.
Another stretch of sidewalk–down the hill back our our neighborhood. Going fast down hill is fun, but there is a path that merges blindly into the sidewalk when you get to the tree covered part at the bottom.
A view of the garages from our third floor apartment.




2 thoughts on “Milk Run

  1. Alan, Juli and boys: The pictures give me a much better perspective of your servant’s hearts as you minister in Russia.
    Stay warm. Blessings to all of you.

  2. Juli – I can’t believe that you don’t have on gloves. Maybe you had them with you but took them off to turn the key?

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