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Of Archery and Sheep–Home Perspective

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Sunday November 11 Alan went to an archery tournament.  That’s not his normal Sunday activity, but the day-long event with his Buryat friends was the right thing to do on that day.  Towards evening, Alan and I began to exchange text messages.  I will record our texted conversation here.

18:31 A: leaving for home. have to do something with some sheep en route.

18:32 J: Whose sheep? In car with you?

18:36 A: i sent this earlier, but now i see it did not go. *****we are arriving–two hours driving once we left.  roads clear.

18:38 J: That was confusing.

18:40 5 sheep in car, 3 different owners.  i am not in car.

18:41 J: So where are you? You can tell me later.

(After this the boys had a great time guessing if Daddy was riding home on the roof rack or in the trunk.  Darin hoped that Alan had won a sheep for his shooting and sent the following message.)

19:16 J: Can we have a pet sheep? Love, Darin

(no response)

22:28 J: In bed but not asleep yet.  See you soon?

22:30 A: we are in the city, hope to be home soon

He was home soon–and he didn’t bring any sheep into our apartment.   As for the rest of the mystery…hopefully he’ll have time to tell you soon!


One thought on “Of Archery and Sheep–Home Perspective

  1. Love the blog, it is a great way to see you all more and see what your life is like. Miss you all, love you.

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