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Four Events


by Eric

I have been wanting to make a post for quite a while, therefore I will make a post that covers four events, not one.

The first thing is a party we had just to pass the time. I’m sorry that the only picture I have about this is the string of twenty hot dogs that we turned into pigs in a blanket, which we delivered to a living room full of friends with whom we watched an old Disney movie.

The hot dogs

The second event is a trip to McBuryat’s. It is one of the two spoofs of McDonald’s (sometime I’m going to have to write about the other spoof, McBurger’s.)  The pictures tell the story.

One McBuryat’s set (hamburger/cheeseburger/hot dog, two Buryat dumplings and tea) and one Americano set (hamburger/cheeseburger/hot dog, fries and “Pepsi”)
The rather small kitchen where all the food was prepared.
After eating I still felt hungry, so I got a double hot dog.  One hot dog kept falling out of the bun.

The third event, almost the most recent and definitely most exasperating, was my mom and dad’s college English class having a Thanksgiving party which I was forced to attend as a native speaker of English.

Thanksgiving at the university English class.
There were way too many people for me. (Here they are playing a game–it got pretty noisy!)

The fourth (music), the most important (soldiers stand at attention), the most exciting event (drum roll), so recent that my dad got home from there half way through this blog post, is going to help put up the framework on the second story of our friends’ house (applause and fireworks).

This is the house that Jack built…no, that a lot of people have helped out on.
This is the floor or lack thereof on the second floor of the house that Jack built…
This a picture of the floor or lack thereof on the second floor of the house that Jack built. (This looks down into the basement.) The ice that covered the boards made us a little uneasy.
The easiest way across a large chasm in the floor.
The ground crew devotedly sawing boards to necessary lengths.
A view through the window of the house that Jack built.

PS  This was almost ready to publish when our Thanksgiving guests arrived on Saturday evening.  (Yes, they were a little late, but we planned the meal for Saturday, not Thursday!)  Since then we’ve been so busy that now it is Wednesday night and we are FINALLY getting this finished!


2 thoughts on “Four Events

  1. Great pictures Eric. Going through a growing/eating phase? I know our Thomas (13 y.o.) is growing a LOT and his appetite is keeping up with the growing . God Bless.

  2. Great post! Enjoyed reading and laughing and feeling for you when you stated that there were too many people for you at the game time with the students. You seem to enjoy more quiet activities. Is that correct? Really enjoyed your post!

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