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Spikes and Spring

You don’t want to know how many blog posts I’ve only written in my head….or how many I have actually started to write and then not finished b/c I despaired of ever getting the pictures to go with them. So today—here’s a look at life but you have to imagine the photos. Maybe they are too technically challenging for me tonight. Or maybe I’m just too tired….

You know spring is here when….

The automatic doors at the store are working again. How nice to walk through those doors instead of struggling to open the heavy single doors that do a better job of keeping out the cold.

In the morning, sidewalks are covered with the slick ice of yesterday afternoon’s puddles. Sunday morning our pastor asked Alan to sprinkle some dirt over the ice in front of the door. To do this, he had to take a shovel and chip some dirt out of the frozen mud at the bottom of the hill!

On slippery days it is fun to watch people trying to walk around outside. I tried using my spikes, but found they only made it worse. I wonder how all the women in fashionable heels manage.

Here you can imagine a photo of the spikes I attach to my boots.

Friday afternoon, March 15, outside we had spring. Darin and I walked a kilometer to one of our favorite stores. Our feet got soaked, but it was fun to take off our hats and feel the warm breeze.

At home, Ryan pulled out his old rubber boots. He called for me to watch from our third floor balcony as he skated down the icy drive. When he hit the wet ice he sent up great sprays of thick slush and whoops of delight. Afterwards he pulled off the boots and declared that they need to be given to his young friend Vanya because they really are too small.

Alan went out, too. But he simply ran some errands for a friend. No fun in the mud for him.

Only Eric didn’t get out. But he took a looooong time coming home from school. “What happened?” Alan asked when Eric finally arrived. “Ryan and I built a dam.” The explanation was short, but on a day when all the world is melting into puddles, no more needs to be said.

Now you can imagine photos of puddles, mud dams over melting rivulets and happy boys with wet boots.