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Archery Rules

As I, Alan, am using archery, as an outreach, I have strict rules  that need to be followed.  After typing them in Russian, I sometimes run them through a translator program partially as a spell checker, partially to see if what I have makes some sense.  Of course, I do not trust the translator programs.  Below are my archery rules for your enjoyment, exactly as the translator program spits them out.  (Yes, I have had a Russian Brother check my Russian.  My Russian is fine.  The translator program just can’t deal with expressions, double meanings or changes in word order….on that note, the word for bow and onion is the same and arrow and boom–as in the boom of a crane–are also the same.)


Electrical Safety for Archery

Always respect each other.
Listen to the main man.
No time to send an arrow on the person.
The once-sharp release the bowstring without an arrow.
When you do not shoot for the line are to be waiting
Do not cross the line of waiting without an invitation.
When invited to take this line of shooting a bow holding rack supplied bow legs and wait.
Touches of firing only when invited.
After releasing all your arrows, place onions on a holder and stand behind the line waiting.
Do not cross the line of fire without an invitation.
Do not run.
Approach to the target by one, people have to lie in front of arrows target must first collect arrows.
When pull arrows first collect those arrows were lying on the floor.
Supplied one hand on the shield near Boom and Boom grab to shield and pull straight.
Put an arrow on the floor and pick up others.
Wear Boom two hands and close the tips of one hand.

Steps for successful archery
1) Front – line of fire between the legs. Front leg back on half a foot, and the level of the shoulders, fingers slightly towards the target.
2) Arrow to the onions – Raise the boom is lower than the tail, tail-click on the string is lower than the pointing point.
3) Grasp the bow – Hold the onions are firmly on the life line.
4) Grasp the bowstring – Three fingers only pads, lower the boom.
5) Lift the bow – straight arm to the target. Elbow to push back.
6) Pull the bowstring – elbow above the shoulders. Keep your back shoulder back.
7) Anchor – The index finger to the edge of a company. Every time one and same place.
8) Aiming – Look for an arrow to the target.
9) Edition – Gently relax your fingers and open palm. Hold the bow in place before the boom hit a target. This is the most important step.
10) Follow through – hand back. Follow the arrow eyes.
11) The argument – relax and think about each step, that was good, what is not, where there were mistakes (if there are no errors boom is in the exact center.)


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