Jordans in Siberia (and Michigan)

Keeping up with daily life of the Jordans

New Home Wish List (updated 8-9-14)

(Note–updated list from8-9-14 follows.  Just keep scrolling down!)


Following is a list of items we would like for setting up house–some are to replace things we have borrowed for the past year and would like to return to their owners soon.

We do not need new things–nice garage sale items work well for us.  Feel free to call us if you find any of these things at a local sale! (858 736 4267, no texts please).




1 tall dresser (5 drawers)

1 twin mattress

2 clip on lamps for reading while in lofts

2 bedside tables w/ lamps (which may be separate lamps)

floor lamp (needs to meet Eric’s approval!)


chain saw

chest freezer



leaf rakes

garden tools

snow shovels

digital clock for Ryan’s room

extended arm pruning shears/saw for trimming tree branches




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